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Join us on DiscoverEU Meet up in Rijeka!

21. lipnja 2022.

Are you traveling through Europe and looking for an exciting place to visit? Then come to Rijeka and discover a beautiful multicultural city with interesting history on the coast of Croatia.

Rijeka was nominated as European Capital of Culture 2020 because of its diverse and rich culture. You can see it in different architectural styles of buildings or hear it in the dialects between locals in cafés or in the market. You can taste it through different cuisines in many of the city restaurants and taverns.

What can you DISCOVER in Rijeka?

First, you can discover the city of Rijeka which is riddled with fun facts you probably did not know. For example, did you know that the first torpedo was invented and launched in Rijeka? There are many more interesting facts to discover in Adventure game! It is played all throughout the city centre, all you have to do is find the QR codes (the first one is in CTK Rijeka) and solve puzzles that guide you to the next QR code. It is a great way to discover and learn about the city while visiting some of its main attractions. And the best part is… the fastest one to find all the QR codes wins a special prize!

If you are looking for a place that can give you an impression of Rijeka in one short visit, visit the City Museum of Rijeka – Sugar Refinery PalaceNewly renovated, it has one of the most beautiful interiors in Rijeka. Jump in on a free guided tour and explore the history of Rijeka!

After the cultural tour, it is time to freshen up! You can go for a swim on Rijeka’s beaches while having a drink and a meal in one of the many cosy cafés on the beach. You can always find a hidden beach somewhere on the coast of Rijeka and enjoy the beautiful view on mountain Učka.

In the evening, we have prepared a special event – Liburnia Film Festival in Opatija, a small but beautiful city near Rijeka with most delicious ice-cream! Liburnia Film Festival (LFF) is the first documentary film festival in Croatia which takes place in the open air from 24th until 28th of August 2022. Festival has a competition character which means a winning film will be announced on the last day of festival. You can also participate in free education programs and workshops that are organised within the festival for young directors and cinematographers in the making.

Beautiful sea, diverse culture and movies on open air! Sounds like a great combination. So, sign up for Meet-up in Rijeka. We are waiting for you! 


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