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Join us on another DiscoverEU Meet-up in Rijeka!

7. lipnja 2023.

Are you looking for new adventures this summer? Then Rijeka is your new destination! Join us on a 2-day Meet-up full of games, sightseeing, sea adventures, music, and dancing, because Rijeka has it all.

We have prepared an exciting experience of Rijeka in which you can see more than one face of this city. Rijeka is a located on the northern coast of Adriatic Sea with lots of hidden city beaches where you can escape from the summer heat.

If you are interested in Rijeka’s cultural heritage, you can visit one (or all) of the 6 museums in the city centre. When in need of a break, you can find rest and ice cream in one of numerous city cafés situated on the main promenade Korzo. Be sure to experience the mixture of different architectural styles which bear witness to cultural turmoil in the past. This is why Rijeka is considered a cultural melting pot with different languages spoken in the streets and interesting cuisines in local restaurants.

To help you discover Rijeka on your first day, we have prepared an Adventure game with QR codes hidden near Rijeka’s main sights. Each QR code has a hint which will lead you to the next sight and discover interesting facts about the city. After lunch, together with your teammates you can test your skills and knowledge in Escape room.

In the evening you can enjoy a walk on Rijeka’s pier locally called mololongo or visit Trsat castle which dates back to the prehistoric times when it was just a watchtower. From there you can enjoy the magic panoramic view of the city and Kvarner bay.

On the second day we have prepared a more upbeat schedule. Join us on a boat excursion on the island Cres and discover beautiful hidden beaches which can only be reached by boat. After the sun sets, it’s time for music! Kastafsko kulturno leto is a summer festival held in medieval city Kastav, located on a small hill just 20 min from Rijeka. It is one of the oldest and long-standing summer festivals in Croatia. This year it will host Croatia’s Eurovision finalists – Let 3. Enjoy a live performance of planetary popular song Mama ŠČ!

Hurry up and sign up for a unforgettable experience! HERE

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