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Youth Work HD

About the project

The Youth Work HD strategic partnership, financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, responded to the needs of youth workers from countries involved in the project (Croatia, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania), as well as to the needs of their European colleagues. Partners involved in this project worked together to solve a number of open European issues and problems – from digital literacy, youth unemployment and digital innovations to the standardization of youth work as occupation. We have jointly identified general skills and knowledge that could help to standardize different types of youth work across Europe.

The quality of work with young people depends not only on knowledge of the specific field in which the youth worker is an expert (for example, sports or human rights), but also on a set of general skills that enable recognition of the work by different stakeholders, influence on policies concerning young people , better communication with young people, and utilization of all the potential provided by new technologies, etc.

Partners in this project conducted a research among youth workers in order to further investigate their needs in working with young people, which further served to develop an online platform where youth workers can learn together, participate in educational modules or their creation, and the exchange of knowledge and skills.

See the platform developed through the project and enroll in the online course.

Would you like to create a new online course for youth workers on our platform? – Contact us at info@youthworkhd.eu



Through the project, we help teachers acquire the necessary knowledge and experience of leading STEAM activities using Design Sprint and Challenge Based Learning methodologies in order to be able to use STEAM in class and to facilitate the path of advancement in STEM careers for their students.
A strategic partnership whose goal is to increase the motivation of young people to get involved in educational programs in the STEM field using the STE(A)M methodology.
We help students to stop being afraid of mathematics from their first school days, but to understand its application and importance for everyday life.

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