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Get Your Facts Straight

About the project

Get Your Facts Straight is a project aimed at solving the problem of misinformation among students and young people from socially and economically marginalized groups and their parents and grandparents, by providing them with access to media literacy education and raising awareness of the problem.

Together with international partners, CTK Rijeka will create a draft of media literacy training with a focus on misinformation and fake news on social networks. The training was designed in such a way as to use existing educational materials and improve existing good practices. Selected trainers/teachers will participate in the process of identifying existing resources, developing the training curriculum and defining educational outcomes.

All partners will hold media literacy education in their countries with at least 250 participants (20 students and young people and 20 parents, grandparents per partner country) during ALL DIGITAL Week and EU Media Literacy Week in 2020.

In addition to the education itself, during these two weeks the Get Your Facts Straight campaign will be carried out on social networks, which will increase the impact of the project and raise awareness of the problem of fake news and disinformation at the EU level.

The materials developed during this project will be shared with teachers, educators and all interested stakeholders.

The project was co-financed by the European Commission, the Agency for Electronic Media and the City of Rijeka.




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