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WOW – Code 2 Confidence

About the project

Programming is a new kind of literacy and should start to be considered a basic human skill like writing, reading or arithmetic. It can be compared to learning a new language – the language between humans and computers. Although women use computers as much as men, have an interest in new technologies and want to follow the trends in this prosperous field that offers many opportunities, they are underrepresented. There are many reasons for it – stereotypes, lack of self-confidence, the traditional role of women in society, etc.

In the last few years, there are more and more initiatives that encourage women, regardless of their age, to learn programming, especially in an informal, pleasant and supportive atmosphere.

The strategic partnership WOW – Code to Confidence, financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, explores the need for networking of organizations that work to strengthen women in the digital age, and enables them to exchange ideas, good practices, develop new initiatives and projects, and promote their activities among to various stakeholders.




Through the project, we help teachers acquire the necessary knowledge and experience of leading STEAM activities using Design Sprint and Challenge Based Learning methodologies in order to be able to use STEAM in class and to facilitate the path of advancement in STEM careers for their students.
We have developed an online platform for youth workers where they can learn how to better communicate with young people or decision-makers in the field of youth, as well as online tools that can help them.
A strategic partnership whose goal is to increase the motivation of young people to get involved in educational programs in the STEM field using the STE(A)M methodology.

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