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About the project

The strategic partnership DREAM – Digital Reality and Educational Activities in Museums brings together seven partner organizations that will jointly design and pilot an innovative methodology that combines augmented reality and museums. We will contribute to strengthening the cultural awareness of our communities and the digital competences of all individuals who will participate in one of the project phases.

45 primary school teachers from Italy, Croatia and Portugal and their 900 students will be involved in the project. All of them will participate in the creation of a “museum theater” – which, with the help of augmented reality, will turn a visit to a museum into a museum performance. That is why we have included several museums in the project that will cooperate with schools and offer them their museum materials as inspiration for creating museum shows.

In order to achieve all the goals of the project, it is necessary to:

  • Define a methodology that prescribes in detail how to achieve collaborative practice with museums (from initiating collaboration to setting up a performance, writing a script, creating a digital scenography to using the possibilities of augmented reality)
  • Develop a digital platform that will support all processes that will be described in the developed methodology. It will contain a repository of cultural open educational resources, which will be made possible by the partner museums in the project and will help teachers involved in the DREAM project to develop and enrich their digital set designs.
  • Develop a blended course for teachers that uses example sets and guides them step-by-step through staging their first museum show.

The best creations will be awarded at the final public events in all countries participating in the project. At a special international event at Postimuse in Tampere, Finland, all partner museums will perform a co-produced transcultural museum show, using the materials developed by the schools during the project. On this occasion, the absolute best museum show will be announced.

The partner consortium of the DREAM project consists of partners: M9 District, Stati Generali dell’Inovazione, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka, Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, Mapa das Ideas, and Camara Municipal de Oeiras and Postimuseo.

The project is a strategic partnership financed through the Erasmus+ program.




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