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Development Lab

Development Lab

About the project

The Development Lab project is a continuation of the partnership from the Mind over matter project (2020-2-HR01-KA205-078004 / www.steamproject.eu) within which a methodology was developed to increase the motivation of young people (13-18 years) to continue their education in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). By creating and implementing an innovative and practical methodology based on research, science and scientific processes were demystified – the project was recognized by the European Commission as an example of good practice at the national level.

In the meantime, project partners saw how they could improve the already achieved results and transfer their experience to formal education. Šiaulių tehčniki štrevos centras (project coordinator) and Center of Technical Culture Rijeka (MOM project coordinator) now continue to work with young people and educators – conducting workshops and STEAM events such as makeathons or short jam sessions to engage and inspire young people to follow STEM paths through education.

It is for these reasons that we applied the Development Lab – a project whose goal is to provide STEM educators with the necessary knowledge and experience in leading STEAM activities using Design Sprint and Challenge Based Learning methodologies. Through this knowledge transfer, we will enable the educators involved (secondary school teachers) to offer their students meaningful and practical knowledge that will improve their ability to learn STEM and develop successful STEM careers.

As a part of the project, we will develop a comprehensive training manual (also known as a professional development program) for educators in formal STEM education, conduct training for teachers where they will learn how to conduct makeathons in a teaching environment, conduct dissemination activities and promote innovative teaching methodologies in STEAM education.

The Development Lab project is financed from the Erasmus+ program, and its coordinator is Šiaulių tehčniki štrevos centras from Lithuania. Project partners are the Technical Culture Center Rijeka (Croatia), Ljudevit Adamić Gymnasium Rijeka (Croatia) and Siauliu “Saulekio” Gymnasium (Lithuania).



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