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Crowddreaming – Youth co-create digital culture

About the project

Crowddreaming – young people create digital culture is a two-year KA3 Erasmus+ project carried out by organizations from Belgium (All Digital – project holder), Italy (Associazione Stati Generali dell’Innovazione – SGI), Croatia (Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka), Latvia (Latvijas Informacijas un Komunikacijas Technology Association – LIKTA) and Greece (Hellenic Open University – HOU). In addition to five implementing partners, the project is supported by over 20 associated partners, including the City of Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Center for Industrial Heritage (CIB – University of Rijeka) and Rijeka 2020 agency.

Crowddreaming is the promotion of good practices in the field of valorization of digital cultural heritage as a means for inclusive education at the EU level. Understanding and preserving cultural heritage and diversity is a prerequisite for maintaining culture in the community and preserving shared values and identity.

Within the project, an innovative teaching method (Crowddreaming) for teachers will be developed and applied. After the research on educational needs of teachers at the national level, an experimental application of the methodology will be carried out, which will result in the creation of “digital monuments” by young people (13-19 years old), on the topics of common European values, history, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

A total of 20 teachers from each partner country (except Belgium) will participate in the training, which will deal with the application of the Crowddreaming method, as well as topics and issues related to digital culture. They will also pass an online course (so-called MOOT – massive open online course) lasting 6 weeks, related to the Crowddreaming method and the topic of digital cultural heritage.

After that, in practical work with students/participants (groups of 20 participants), they will participate in the joint design and creation of digital culture. The goal is to “build” digital monuments dealing with the following topics: (1) common European values; (2) cultural heritage; (3) shared history; (4) intercultural dialogue and social inclusion (related to the European cultural heritage). In the project, teachers and trainers will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, competences and skills related to digital cultural heritage and the Crowddreaming methodology.

The final phase of the project includes the construction of the “European Square” – a virtual online community that will bring together students and professors from all partner countries that have created digital monuments.

“European Square” symbolises a common square where individual cultures and customs of the countries involved in the project intertwine and coexist, while citizens express their gratitude to other cultures for their influence and contribution to their own culture.

The Crowddreaming project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program.




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