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Our space

We are very proud that everyone can feel comfortable in our Centre of Technical Culture, and that all people can move freely in it, regardless of their physical limitations. Although our premises are located on two levels – the ground floor and the first floor of the building – people with mobility difficulties can also use the first floor space since we own a vehicle for transporting people in wheelchairs up the stairs. 

All people have skills, opportunities and experience, and all individuals are important for the society. That is why the society needs to be shaped so that everyone can participate in its development and achievements.

Our wish is for all to feel equally good in our space.

For prices and other information about renting our space, contact us at


Educational and exhibition space

A multifunctional space that can be used for educational and exhibition purposes and for organizing different events.

The space can be used in its entirety or divided into smaller rooms using partitions. 

Capacity : A maximum of 60 sitting and 100 standing places (the space can be divided into two or three rooms in necessary)

Equipment: 60 chairs, 20 tables, projector, screen, loudspeakers, microphone, internet connection, sockets, flip chart, hangers for setting up the exhibition

Ri Connect Youth Center

A meeting place for young people which they can use, together with its equipment, to connect, look for work, launch new initiatives and organize joint activities. 

Capacity: 4 high workplaces, 2 sitting workplaces, kitchen, living room

Equipment: 6 high desks with 8 chairs, 2 desks, internet connection, sockets, printer, fax, plotter

Laboratory of knowledge

A gathering place for all interested members of the community who want to be in contact with new technologies, follow their progress, and understand their purpose and application in everyday life. 

It consists of a computer classroom and a modelling workshop.

Capacity: 9 sitting workplaces with a computer; model workshop with 8 workplaces

Equipment: 9 sitting tables with 9 chairs, teacher’s table, smart board, projector, 3D printer, internet connection; 4 work tables, 8 chairs, step drill, table saw, circular saws, table belt sander, sander, drill, jig saw, compressor, cordless screwdriver with interchangeable attachments, internet connection

Multifunctional classroom (1st floor)

Capacity: 16 sitting workplaces

Equipment: 16 desks with 16 chairs, teacher’s table, internet connection, sockets, flip chart, projector

Computer classroom (1st floor)

Capacity: 16 sitting workplaces with computers

Equipment: 16 computers, teacher’s table, projector, board, internet connection, sockets

Photo studio (STEM Lab, Korzo 2a)

Capacity: 6 sitting places

Equipment: desk with 6 chairs, Wi-Fi availability, sockets, 3 shades/photo lights, camera stand, microphone stand

For prices and other information about renting our space, contact us at


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