Let's explore the universe of possibilities

Believing that we need to expand access to the tools of creativity, especially those involving new technologies, we decided to take advantage of every opportunity that allows us to create a society that understands, accepts and creates equal opportunities for all its citizens. We started the project of creating a common space, for two years we actively collected funds for adaptation and furnishing, and in 2019, the moment has finally come to open the doors of our Laboratory of Knowledge to everyone.

The Laboratory of Knowledge is a meeting place for all interested members of the community who want to be in contact with new technologies, monitor their progress, and understand their purpose and application in everyday life. In the Laboratory, we will explore new ideas, create, connect with experts from the academic and business world and other members of the community with the same or similar interests. All those who want to strengthen their IT and technical knowledge and skills and, consequently, become more competitive on the labor market and more involved in their community, are welcome to it.

With the Laboratory of Knowledge, we want to connect and encourage cooperation between organizations from the public, civil and business sectors and interested individuals who work in the STEM field in a place that, thanks to its equipment and professional staff, enables the joint creation and implementation of ideas for the benefit of the local community.

All those interested will have the opportunity to use the Laboratory of Knowledge through various projects and programs of our Centre and partner organizations, but also get the opportunity to design and develop ideas for new initiatives, collaborations and projects.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us at laboratorijznanja@ctk-rijeka.hr.

The Laboratory of Knowledge was supported through donations by: Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, Croatian Children’s Foundation, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, City of Rijeka, INA d.d. and ACI d.d.

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