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Who we are

Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka was established in 1993. Since then, through many successes and many challenges, we have grown into an organization counting thousands satisfied users, hundreds projects financed by the local, regional, national and international institutions, innumerable cooperations within the non-profit sector, as well as with organizations from public and for-profit sector, all with the goal to bring technical culture, escpecially IT, robotics and lately, STEM, closer to as many citizens as possible.   

We provide basic, intermediate and advanced educational programs, thus satisfying needs of different groups of our citizens – from those who have never used a computer before or haven’t dreamt of controlling a robot, to those who want and know how to program a smart home. Our Centre gathers children, young people, adults and elderly people. Through our activities, we want to instill into everyone a desire for research and knowledge and encourage them to solve challenges that we face every day as individuals and as a society thanks to their creativity and team spirit. 

We are particularly sensitive to the most vulnerable groups of our society and are always ready to go the extra mile for them so that they too can realize their potential and take advantage of given opportunities. 

We see technical culture, and especially the digital and technical literacy of citizens, as an integral part and foundation of individual and community development. 

Our programs

A strong and competent individual

We believe that everyone should be able to autonomously and safely use the technology that is part of our daily lives.

This is my community

With every action we take (initiative, action, project...) we never forget that we all have a great influence on the society in which we live and work. Today, as well as in the future.

IT and STEM are not bogeymen

We run away from stereotypes - we don't believe that something can't or shouldn't be done. When the mind is open and the goals and desire are great, there are no limits to what we can do.


By gathering gifted children and young people in activities, in which they have their own autonomy but also the constant support of mentors, we enable them to explore their own possibilities.

Meet our team

Zagorka Prce Veseli

Executive director / EU project manager

Olivera Stanić

Financial adviser / EU project manager

Loris Rašpolić

Coordinator of educational programs

Hana Galogaža Lanča

Coordinator of youth programs / Head of PR

Diana Predrag Grlica

Coordinator of volunteers / Project manager

Andrea Ratkajec

Project administrator / Office manager

Ana Zubak

Accounting and administrative officer

Ivana Rubeša

PR assistant

Božica Bajčić

Graphic designer

Martina Goričanec

Graphic designer

Vedrana Plenča

IT specialist / STEM program educator

Nevija Debelić


Sara Belanić

IT specialist /STEM program educator

Do you want to cooperate with us?

Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Awards and acknowledgments
Our work and efforts have been recognized by many organizations.


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